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Grand Prize Drawing Telsa Model S

Grand Prize:
Tesla Model S plus $15,000, Ford F-150 plus $15,000, or $75,000 cash
2nd Prize:
Vacation to Athens or $4,000 cash
3rd Prize:
Vacation to Alaska or $3,500 cash
4th Prize:
Vacation to Amsterdam or $3,000 cash
5th Prize:
Vacation to Barcelona or $2,500 cash
6th Prize:
Vacation to Bali or $2,000 cash
7th Prize:
Caribbean Cruise or $1,500 in cash Alaska
8th Prize:
Gas for a year or $1,200 in cash
9th Prize:
$1,000 cash
10th Prize:
$1,000 cash
11th Prize:
$500 cash
12th Prize:
$500 cash
13th Prize:
$500 cash
14th Prize:
$250 cash Gas for a year or $1,200 in cash
15th Prize:
$250 cash
16th Prize:
$250 cash
17th Prize:
$150 cash
18th Prize:
$150 cash
19th Prize:
$150 cash

Prizes 20-150:

Grand Prize Drawing

The Grand Prize Drawing will take place on August 13. Prize winners do not need to be present to receive their prize.